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Helping Students Uncover Their God-Given Calling


Navigating school life, finding Christian community, thriving in secular environments, figuring out your career path….there’s a lot of pressure on students.

But what do Christian students need to focus on during this unique time?  We explore what it looks like when students are SENT.


Imagine what value you bring to an unbeliever when you show up carrying the presence of God with you.

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Thrive means to grow vigorously. As a disciple of Jesus Christ, your desire should be to deepen your relationship with Him. Think about friendship, it grows because you invest time in the relationship. The same is true about your relationship with God, it will grow as you spend time with Him.

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back to school

Back to School

The back to school season marks a new chapter in the lives of many.

Some will journey away from home for the first time; others will begin their last year of school before starting their careers. Sophomore and junior students remain somewhere in between, knowing what lies ahead of them while still not far from what they left behind.

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back to school during a pandemic

How to Prepare for Back to School During a Pandemic

College life is going to look a little different this fall.

Many students will be returning to campus in the coming weeks. Others will begin a freshmen year unlike any other. But whether you’re a fish or finisher, this year will require some major adjustments.

To help you prepare for some of the craziness of college in a pandemic, we’ve put together some tips that will help you stay mentally and physically healthy during these strange times.

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