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Inside Every Student Sent you can find all the Christian groups and churches at nearly every college in the country.  Find a campus ministry or church. Get connected. Click here to start.

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It can be hard to find a community of believers at your school.  Through Every Student Sent you can connect with other Christian students and establish Gospel-centered community from wherever you are. Click here to start.

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Every Student Sent has engaging video based courses designed to help you grow in your faith and navigate culture during college.  Central to this part of Every Student Sent is the Thrive Course. The Thrive Course is designed specifically for students to help you thrive in secular environments, start Gospel communities from wherever you are, and experience Jesus in a whole new way. Click here to start.

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Every Student Sent is a unique social platform that connects students to Christian community at their college to propel them into Christ centered mission as they navigate and engage culture.

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