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“When Christian college freshmen are alone, their faith rarely survives in today’s college environment. The good news is that when they’re connected in advance to campus ministries, churches, and Christian friends, they not only survive, but thrive and impact their classmates. Every Student Sent will help parents, churches, and ministries to turn the tide so this generation can now become the leaders of tomorrow.”
Josh McDowell
CRU / Josh McDowell Ministry
“One of the biggest challenges we have, is transitioning the faith toward the future. One of the things that breaks our heart is when we see them not carry their faith forward. I have come across a ministry that you need to part of: Every Student Sent. You can upload your students and expose them to collegiate ministries and churches who have all partnered together to carry the faith we have invested in them all these years to the future. This has the potential to change the world!”
Ronnie Floyd
Former President, Southern Baptist Convention
“We are all about discipleship and Every Student Sent. Cru, InterVarsity, Navigators, RUF, Chi Alpha, and Chi Alpha are all part of Every Student Sent. It’s a beautiful collaboration and partnership to help us make sure that we can be an effective umbrella and covering for those Christian students who are coming on the campus.”
Scott Martin
Sr. National Dir., Assemblies of God, Chi Alpha

the vision

Every Student Sent is a unique community-based platform with a vision of connecting students to existing ministries, churches, and each other in order to propel them towards Gospel-centered mission as they navigate and engage culture during college.

how to get started

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Every Student Sent is a platform for students, but that doesn’t mean parents can’t help!  Simply create an account for the Every Student Sent platform to get started, and we’ll walk you through the process of getting your college-bound or college-aged child connected. 

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Once you’ve created an account, the next step is to invite students to the Every Student Sent platform. This is all done within the Every Student Sent platform, and simply requires having basic contact information for who you want to invite like emails or phone numbers.

watch them find their Christian community and grow in mission

One of the most exciting parts about using Every Student Sent as a parent is that you get access to a special dashboard to see when your students successfully join the platform and connect with specific ministries and groups.  You can feel confident that they are finding Christian community in their new school when you see their Every Student Sent activity.

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Every Student Sent also serves Christian families with a variety of tools for thriving during school and college. Create an account to find out more.

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Click here for information on services we offer for families to help you save on tuition, apply for and pick a college.

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for youth group pastors

Ensure your graduating youth are connected with campus ministries and Christian community.

For Youth Group Leaders
Every Student Sent for Campus Ministries

for campus ministries & churches

Ready to connect your campus ministry or church group with students attending nearby schools?  

for high school administrators

Connect your graduating Senior Class to campus ministries and Christian community on each campus they are being sent to.  

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