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Helping students uncover their God-given calling; the Every Student Sent Blog covers topics that are pertinent to everything students navigate during college.


Worldview Training by Summit Ministries

A worldview is an overall understanding of how a person believes life and the universe works, including if God exists and the role He plays.


College Visit Guide

Find out the insider tips to help your student discover the right fit, finances and to grow in their faith.



Chariot Learning delivers highly personalized SAT & ACT face to face training remotely using video tools such as Skype, Facetime, GoBoard, and other platforms. Yo


Minimizing Student Debt

Helping students graduate college with minimal debt and the right career. *In Partnership With Believers College Prep


career-Direct Consultation

You’re at a crossroads. Decisions need to be made about your future and you could use some help. God created you with unique talents and gifts. Let Career Direct® match those with the path he has designed for you.

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