Are YOU Teachable or Coachable?

My first year of playing softball was extremely rough, due to a hodgepodge church team that was uncoached. Since we didn’t have a coach, each player chose where they wanted to play; leaving the pitcher and catcher positions open for my sister and me to select from.  There’s no nice way to say it – we were awful. We didn’t even want our friends coming to watch us play and it was extremely embarrassing to play teams that were well-coached and talented. 

After the season ended, I got a phone call from Mr. Johnny who coached one of the best teams in our city – he wanted me and my sister to join their team. I asked him; “Why do you want me to play on your team, we’re awful.” He said because I see potential in you and if you will allow me to coach you, I can make you into a great ball player. I took him up on his offer – what an opportunity it was to be coached by one of the best.

A Coach or Teacher soles purpose is to instruct and train their students or athletes to achieve success; which includes pointing out weaknesses, working on areas that need more development, teaching the importance of discipline and how to follow instructions.

Being teachable and coachable also applies to our Christianity. 

A portion of Jesus’ ministry was spent teaching, preparing, and instructing his disciples. He saw potential in them – the potential to go into the world and preach the gospel as they represented him.  Because of their willingness to be teachable others came to know Christ.  

Are you teachable/coachable? We all need guidance and we all need biblical instructions, we all have blind spots and areas that are in need of improvement – how can we learn without a Teacher?  If you don’t have a Pastor, Campus Minister, or Mentor in your life – I highly recommend finding someone you trust, who knows the word of God that you will give permission to coach you and teach you. God sees so much potential in you, and he needs you to represent Him for such a time as this.  

If you are not involved in a campus ministry or church, check out the ministries listed at your college campus on our website and get involved.

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