As The Thrive Course points out, a disciple, is someone who is devoted to someone else in order to emulate them. Jesus calls us to be his disciples and to make other disciples of Jesus. Achieving this Sent Level on Every Student Sent means you have become an active user of the platform. The Disciple level on Every Student Sent means you have logged in several times, messaged multiple members, established connections with other members, joined a Christian student organization or church online group, taken all or part of The Thrive Course and/or invited others to become members on Every Student Sent.

9 Requirements

  • Log in on three different days
  • Send or reply to 5 or more messages
  • Receive a reply to one or more of your messages
  • Post in one or more groups
  • Join one or more church groups
  • Join one or more ministry groups
  • Get a connection request accepted by one or more members.
  • Invite 5 or more people via email or text to join Every Student Sent
  • Complete half of The Thrive Course