4 Great Resources for Studying the Bible in College

You know the Bible is important, but do you ever feel like it’s a bit overwhelming?

Don’t feel bad about this. It makes sense. 

66 books span across the Old and New Testaments. They include poetry, history, prophecies, letters, stories, and sometimes a mix of all of these! It’s okay if you feel a little unsure about where to begin.

The Bible itself actually talks about this. In Acts 8, a Christian named Philip encounters a man struggling to comprehend the book of Isaiah (relatable, right?). Philip asks “Do you understand what you’re reading?” 

The man replies with a question many readers still ask today: 

How can I understand if no one guides me?

Luckily, Philip was there to guide him.

Christians today also have tools that guide them towards understanding. Videos, books, apps, and other multimedia resources exist to help you better study the scriptures and grow in your walk with Christ. It can be hard to comb through all of them, so we’ve put together this list to get you started. 

  1. The Bible Project Video

The Bible Project exists to help people experience the bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus. They produce very cool, animated videos that summarize and give context for each book of the bible. Sometimes they cover specific themes or characters as well. 

No matter what the subject, each video makes the Bible more accessible and helps Christians better understand the word of God. 

And the best part? Each video is available online for free.

  1. Alabaster Co.’s “The Bible Beautiful”

The founders of Alabaster Co. believe that beauty matters in our understanding of who God is. The scriptures speak of His own beauty and highlights the beauty of creation, so the Alabaster Co. created “The Bible Beautiful.”

Their individually published books of the bible combine visual design and excellent photography with the words of scripture, integrating beautiful imagery into your reading experience.

So far, they’ve published nine books from the bible, including the four gospels and the Psalms. They also recently released “guided meditations” on Matthew and John that help readers study the books. 

If you value aesthetics, you’ll probably find the design of these bibles refreshing from the leather-bound, tiny texts of the past. The content stays the same. You still get the word of God, but you experience its beauty in a new way.

  1. Scripture Memory Apps

Memorizing scripture allows you to keep the scriptures at the forefront of your mind. Not only can you access them in times of need, but the act of memorizing itself means that you meditate on that scripture over and over again. 

Scripture memory apps like “Bibleminded” or “The Bible Memory App” make it even easier to do this. 

Got a few minutes between classes? Pull out your phone and start memorizing. Most of these apps engage different parts of your brain to help you memorize more scripture faster. Plus, you can create groups with your friends so you can be growing in the word together.

  1. Apply What You Learn Through the THRIVE Course

Growing in knowledge and relationship with Christ leads to changed lives. 

But applying your knowledge on your own can be a challenge. That’s why ESS created the Thrive Course. 

The Thrive Course is a two-part class that helps prepare you for the mission God has called you to on campus. As you go through the course, you’ll learn practical ministry skills and get a vision for how you can take part in a movement that will transform your campus. 

None of these resources can ever replace frequent scripture reading and prayer. But like the man in Acts 8, all Christians need help understanding the scriptures. 

That’s what these resources can do for you.

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