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Become A Every Student Sent Mobilizer Today!

Are you passionate about seeing a generation grow in their faith-walk while preparing for college and lay firm foundations in their first two years of college?  God is calling those who are willing – how will you respond?

We are looking for both high school students and college students to be Every Student Sent Mobilizers.  The time is now to reach your generation – will you step out and lead the way for change and revival on college campuses and in high schools?  You can start making an impact today.

What Does An Every Student Sent Mobilizer Do?

Your mission isn’t just to survive ‘as a Christian’ but to thrive as a follower of Jesus. These 5-10 minutes free training videos will teach you how to engage the culture around you and thrive spiritually in secular environments. Imagine what value you bring to an unbeliever when you show up differently carrying the presence of God with you. You have an opportunity to create a story with Jesus on your college campus that’s outside the religious system – revival can take place, lives can be transformed, and people healed just because you said yes Lord, here I am, send me.

After you complete the Thrive Course, if you want, we will help you use the Every Student Sent Platform to facilitate your own small group to teach the course to others.

Post 3 times a week on the main newsfeed inside Every Student Sent.  The goal is to engage other students in conversation, encourage them, and share what’s happening on your campus. Be the inspiration others need!

Post 3 times per week on TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Be creative and compel others to join the ESS platform from your posts about ESS, and what is happening at your campus. You can choose to repost content from ESS InstagramTwitterFB, and other links in the Every Student Sent Media Kit.   We will also provide new content for you to post regularly.  Feel free to make your own posts and share them with other Mobilizers to use through the special Mobilizers Only Group inside Every Student Sent.

Every Student Sent has a built in feature to easily help you send email and text invites to anyone.  Mobilizers set the pace by inviting and getting as many people at their school using Every Student Sent as they can.

If your home church or campus ministry is not listed on the Every Student Sent platform, share the information with them. Suggest they schedule an appointment with someone on the Every Student Sent staff team to learn how they can be helped by Every Student Sent.  They can post their college ministry for free on the Every Student Sent site. High school pastors can create special groups on Every Student Sent and track how all their seniors and juniors are doing.  Our desire is to help your church/ministry.  We will help you if you need it.

We have both high school and college Every Student Sent Mobilizers.  When you add your high school or college to your ESS profile, you will automatically be joined to the Every Student Sent Group for your school.  Mobilizers facilitate conversation by posting to the newsfeed of their school’s group in ESS and by responding to other’s posts.

We Strongly Support Every Student Sent Student Mobilizers.
Be A Part Of Growing Community That's On Mission Together.

Meet live via webconference with all the other mobilizers and the Every Student Sent Executive Team once a month.  Grow personally as we give to you through times of prayer and teaching.  Plan with us and make a big difference by sharing your voice and ideas to shape the future of Every Student Sent.

We provide special Learn To Lead Training just for Every Student Sent Mobilizers.  Within a week or less of signing up as a Mobilizer you will have the opportunity to do a small group live onboarding training with, Jeremy Story, the founder of Every Student Sent.  He will answer any questions you have and show you how to use all the features of Every Student Sent and discuss best practices of leading online discussions and community.

In addition to the onboarding training, we regularly offer additional trainings and discipleship times exclusively to Every Student Sent Mobilizers.  These times are taught by various leaders on different topics related to living out your faith.  We want to support you!

Every Student Sent hosts monthly equip and encourage web conferences with special speakers for all members; however, Mobilizers get even more personal opportunities to engage with these nationally known speakers/leaders.  

Before each nationwide web conference, Mobilizers receive a special ‘VIP green room’ login code so they can meet spend time before the web conference in Q and A as a smaller group interacting with that month’s speaker.

All Mobilizers are added to the private group on Every Student Sent just for Mobilizers to interact with each other.  You will either be added to the High School or College mobilizers private group.  Get to know and be encouraged by other Mobilizers through posts and discussion threads in this group.

We select one female and one male every month as the ‘Mobilizer of the Month.’  This award goes to the top two Mobilizers who post the most and consistently engage with others on the Every Student Sent platform plus share ESS posts on other social media platforms. Each student selected will be awarded $50 for going above and beyond in their Mobilizer service.

We are also looking into even more ways to financially reward Mobilizers in the future.

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