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Earn Points By Inviting Others

There are three ways you can share and get rewarded for those you invite to be a part of Every Student Sent:

  • Your personal link- You can include this in any email, text, or social media post to earn points and see anyone who signs up as a user on Every Student Sent because of your invitation.  Your link is

Share your personal link by cutting and pasting this link into a text, email or social post or vy clicking on one of the buttons below:

[easy-social-share url=”” noaffiliate=”no” sidebar=”no” popup=”no” float=”no” postfloat=”no” topbar=”no” bottombar=”no” point=”no” mobilebar=”no” mobilebuttons=”no” mobilepoint=”no”]

  • Direct Link- Designating a domain name you control. Any link you put on your designated domain to any page on the Every Student Sent Site from this domain name will be associated with you. [affiliate_direct_links]
  • Using Your Personalized Landing Page- We created a landing page for you[affiliate_landing_pages]


  • Of the people you have invited,  have visited Every Student Sent.
  • Of the people you have invited, people have joined Every Student Sent!
  • Presently, of the people you invite are joining Every Student Sent. 

Images and Links To Share

Here are some elements you can use to share Every Student Sent with anyone: