Deny the Distractions

Distractions are constantly competing for our attention and diverting our focus from the important things we should be doing. How often do you look at your phone while doing homework, sitting at a traffic light, eating lunch, in class, walking down the street, during a conversation with a friend? I think we’d all agree the battle of our phones can be a real distraction.  If we’re not careful we will allow things like our phone, busyness, tiredness, or the noise of worldly things to distract us from God, our goals and our relationships.

Put God First

Start you day by putting God first even if its uncomfortable and inconvenient.  What a small sacrifice on our behalf to give a small portion of our day dedicated to Him; besides He gave His all for us. Develop a morning routine by reading your Bible, praying and incorporating a time of worship. If you’ll set aside the excuses and distractions – I guarantee you, He will meet with you in this dedicated space of time.

Stay Focused on Your Goals

Lots of busyness and tiredness can set in if you are a full-time student and/or working at the same time. Don’t lose focus on the long-term goal.

  • Write out your goals and keep them before you. Refresh or revise them or the steps if you need to. Did you know that you are 42% more likely to accomplish your goals if you write them down?
  • If you will do one thing each day toward your goals, by the end of the year you have taken 365 steps toward achieving your goals.
  • Don’t let the distraction of discouragement or difficulty stop you. When it gets hard or you’re discouraged lean on God, your family and close friends for support. Whatever you do – don’t quit, keep moving forward.

Relationships Take Work

Your relationship with God, family or friends takes intentionality. All of these relationships deserve our best and it’s important for us to show up and be present.  Call your parents, grandparents, and siblings – check in on them, let them know you care. If you’re not doing this weekly – include it on your schedule. Your family is your biggest cheerleader!  

Surround yourself with friends who are fun, who are encouraging, who challenge you to be a better version of you, and who can call you out when you need it. Life is fuller and better with good friends.

It’s important to remember our relationship with God is no different. Think about a new boyfriend or girlfriend relationship – you want to spend every waking minute with them. You’re constantly thinking about them, talking on the phone or texting them. Treat your relationship with God with the same respect. Speak and think of Him often – remind Him of how much you love Him. This is the most important relationship in your life – it’s worth the intentional time you invest into it. Don’t let anything or anyone distract you from your relationship with God. Keep Him first. You’ll never regret it.

Scripture Meditations:

  • Mark 12:30 (AMP) – “And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul (life), and with all your mind (thought, understanding), and with all your strength.”
  • Ephesians 5:15-16 (AMP) – “Therefore see that you walk carefully [living life with honor, purpose, and courage; shunning those who tolerate and enable evil], not as the unwise, but as wise [sensible, intelligent, discerning people], 16 [a]making the very most of your time [on earth, recognizing and taking advantage of each opportunity and using it with wisdom and diligence], because the days are [filled with] evil.”
  • Matthew 15:8 (TPT) – “These people honor me only with their words, for their hearts are so very distant from me.”

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